Dynamic Signature Generator for LotRO-Characters

Make your signature image here. if you use one of the data sources (only GuildPortal at this time), the image is dynamically updated with data from your characters stats. So if you e.g. change level, just change it on the character-page of your selected data source and the image will update as well (when reloaded).

It is also possible to make a signature without having a data source. But then you will have to save the image and upload it to a server of your choice.

When making a dynamic signature, you only need to input your CharacterID (see below) and the few fields marked as "Not dynamic". The more text you fill in, the longer the code will be. And since most forum signatures have a low character limit, you don't want it to get too long.
Data source: 
CharacterID:   (Required)
Name style:     
Name:  (Required)Level: 
Other text style: 
Class - Race: 
Kinship URL:   (Not dynamic)
Kinship style:     
Kinship:  (Not dynamic)Server: 
Class image:  Rank Image:   Show
Image URL:   (without HTTP://)
Banner style:       
Right-click the above image and save it to your computer.

Copy the below code to a document on your computer, to be able to edit it later.
Copy one of the below codes to your forum signature.
HTML:  0
BBCode:  0
  Paste a code (also HTML and BBCode) you made earlier, to edit it.
CharacterID for GuildPortal:
Notice: This only works if LotRO Integration is turned off on the site where the character is member.
You can find the ID by going to your page on GuildPortal with the Rooster widget. Then click the characters name which will bring up the overview of the character. Now you can find it in the URL-line in your browser. Example below is similar to what you should see. You only need the number after CharacterID= here highlighted in green.
Character image:
The image URL is normally for a portrait shot of the character. It is scaled to maximum 100 × 100 pixels. So that is the optimal size you should use. At least keep it square or it will get distorted. Also some cropping will occur depending on the frame chosen.

Dropdown lists:
After clicking a dropdown list (activate/give focus) you can type to search the list. Do not hit [Enter] after typing, unless you want to choose the select item.
Keywords for Banner styles:
Black, Grey, White, Brown, Red, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple,
Rock, Metal, Silver, Gold, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Paper, Fire,
Nature, Animal, Armour, Brick,
Human, Hobbit, Elven, Dwarven, Creep.

• Some forums do not allow HTML code to be used. Most forums support BBCode though.
• The official LotRO forums signature accept BBCode.
• GuildPortal does not support BBCode, so you must use the HTML code. Remember to click <>HTML before pasting the code.

For PHP programmers:
If you want your forum-host to be available as a data source here, and if you have enough knowledge of PHP to make a script that can extract the data; you can contact me. I can also provide an example script.

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